Better Safe Than Sorry Escalator Safety Videos-pt2

Better Safe Than Sorry Escalator Safety Videos-pt2

Child Safety Continued

Strollers, wheel chairs and walking aides: In addition, if a child is in a stroller or elderly person is using a walker or similar aide, it’s best to use the elevator as these items create a potential for a rider to lose balance and injure themselves or others. Instead, head to the elevators if you’re traveling with wheels or even if you’re carrying something and can’t hold the handrail.

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Through the Origin and Evolution of Escalators

Escalators are the preferred vertical transportation in malls and other public areas, and offer people the advantage of immediate transportation when compared to elevators. The stop and wait times of elevators can often be inconvenient, and discourage people from using them more frequently. With escalators, you could just step on one without waiting or stopping in between. How did the idea of escalator first come up?

History shows that escalators were designed and patented many times before it was actually built. Starting from Nathan Ames, a native of Massachussets, who produced and patented a drawing of a moving staircase in 1859, the escalator has been thought about and sketched multiple times. In the following decades, similar concepts were produced by Leamon Souder, Jesse Reno, and George Wheeler. Wheeler’s designs were bought and built on by Charles Seeberger, who had prepared his own drawings earlier which was closest to the modern escalator. In 1899, when Seeberger joined Otis, his drawing was built into an actual escalator, names after “scala” in Latin which means steps, and the term elevator, owned by Otis themselves.

Gradually, other manufacturers started building moving stairs under various names, as the name escalator was then owned by Otis. Today, the largest global manufacturer of escalator is the Swiss company, Schindler. 

While luggage and trolleys may make escalators more difficult to traverse, it is a great means of quick and easy vertical movement. If you own a commercial building and require vertical access, escalators can do the job. However, elevatoes still provider a safer and more flexible movement through floors. 

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A Promising Future for Elevator Manufacturers in Dubai

It’s a good time to be in the elevator business in Dubai. With increasing investments in the real estate and construction sectors, the future of the elevator industry in the country looks promising. And it’s not just about the number of elevators to be installed, but also about the diversity and challenges in design that offers a lot of opportunity for growth in the country.

Though the past decade has seen Dubai go through financial crisis, the city, along with UAE is rising magnificently from the drop, with a number of mega projects and initiatives in the pipeline. This coupled with an increase in the number of people moving to the city has promoted a growth in general demand for buildings, which in turn has resulted in a rise in demand for elevators. Furthermore, the city’s initiative to develop support facilities like metro lines that encourage urbanization has also been a facilitating factor. It has been reported that a growth of 8% is estimated in the coming four years in terms of growth of elevator industry.

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