Service Maintenance Checks For Eid Al Adha

Service Maintenance Checks For Eid Al Adha

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A kind reminder to our clients or potential clients that we offer maintenance checks and services for all types of elevators. No job is too small or too big for Atlas Elevators.

Now Eid Al Adha is fast coming there are many big events being planned for this important occasion but many miss out the important responsibility of making sure all elevators are in proper and safe working condition at this valuable time when there will be many people and much use and importance for the elevators to be up to scratch.

UAE suffers from very hot weather at this time of year which results in big gatherings and functions to be held and organized indoors. We like to make sure that these indoor premises are fit and safe for such busy and effective use.

Although many believe that health and safety checks are top priority it is easy to forget or let elevator use slip as a non worry department but we would like to remind that this is just as important as any health and safety hazard and we will be happy to assist in fulfilling this priority for you when need be.

For more information on our services or to get in touch with us please visit our website at: 04 346 9311

We look forward to hearing from you 😉

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A new chapter in elevator safety

The NAESA or the National Association for Elevator Safety Authorities is an umbrella organization for, well, elevator safety authorities operating from the US. Recognized internationally, NAESA pioneers propagation of elevator safety information and developments, especially through their National Elevator Safety Summit held annually. This year, the event, the first of its kind, was conducted on May 22nd, and included a wealth of information on latest trends in elevator and escalator safety.

We love some inspiration, and constantly keep up with the international elevator industry. It allows us to stay at par with international standards, and provide exceptional elevator and escalator services. Contact us today for all enquiries!

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Why living on the top floor can be a good thing

With all the super-tall buildings around, it makes you wonder how do people actually live on those top floors. Buildings with over 30 floors are not uncommon in UAE, and apartments are inhabited at even such dizzying heights. Instinct would warn you against renting an apartment on top floors, but maybe living at the top isn’t so bad. Here’s why we think it might be a good idea after all.

  • Privacy is the biggest advantage of living on top floors. You are saved from worrying about being seen through windows.
  • Your view is much better than those below you. The city lights and tiny cars are a treat for your eyes. 
  • Top floors are much more peaceful, as traffic is lesser. 
  • We agree that it may take a while for elevators to reach you, but you won’t have to be greeted by large groups of people when one does arrive!
  • This one may be overlooked, but home makers know how significant it is. Top floors are often safe from insects and other disturbances. Ants and roaches don’t climb so far up, and even flies avoid such heights. 

With elevator technology advancing at a rapid pace, top floor apartments aren’t as overwhelming as they used to be. You might even enjoy staying up there more than you would downstairs! 

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