Elevators for all Types of Buildings

Elevators for all Types of Buildings

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Atlas elevators efficiently move passengers in notable buildings across the UAE, Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi. This is including hospitals, hotels, offices, residences, airports, arenas and sports facilities. All Atlas elevators are designed to meet governing safety codes. They also comply with Disability regulations.

Urban mobility is our business

Atlas mobility solutions provide access for people. We help architects, owners and builders add value to any building type – from first sketches in planning to operation and modernization. Our products, technologies and services are recognized as a benchmark for quality and safety.

We offer pre-engineered or fully-customized elevators. From big to small, heavy to light, Atlas Elevators has the right application for every building.

So if you should need Elevator installation, maintenance or services please don’t hesitate to contact us at Atlas Elevators:

Where you can be sure to get quality products and excellent services.

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How long can elevators last?

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Elevators have become an indespensable element in buildings, regardless of height. The ease and efficiency of movement has encouraged its increased use, even in residential homes. Though these systems are often well-designed, they have a definite life time beyond which replacements are required. 

A well-maintained elevator can be used for up to 25 years or a little more. Beyond this period, frequency of maintenance increases, and parts become outdated which calls for replacement. The better solution would then be to remove and replace the entire elevator.

Maintenance is key for elevators to last as long as their design period. You don’t have to wait for something to go wrong to perform maintenance. By issuing regular (annual) checks, a lot of future issues can be foreseen and resolved in advance, saving time and money in the process. Reactive maintenance is often more expensive and causes a lot of inconvenience. 

Removal and replacement may require heavy equipment and cranes, especially for skyscrapers. Shafts are created during initial construction to facilitate future replacements without disturbing the rest of the structure.

Find something wrong with your elevator? Notify your building owner immediately for taking necessary action.

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Lift Installation & Maintenance In UAE

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Atlas Elevators manufactures, installs, modernizes and maintains all elevators. For Hospitals we maintain bed elevators, patient trolley elevators, and goods elevators to make it easier to transport patients, medical equipment, food trolleys, etc. For external and internal home elevators, Panoramic elevators and even Cargo Freight Elevators.

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There is no job too big or too small and we have a high customer satisfaction rate, even if we were not the company that installed your elevators we are more than happy to maintain them for you and we do so for the most compatible prices.

Our team of professionals are well experienced and polite and always free to offer their suggestions and advice. Being there to answer any questions, queries or concerns helps us achieve the best possible customer service and satisfaction.

If you would like to know more please don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our website at:http://atlaselevators.org/