Did You Know There’s A National Day For Elevators?

Did You Know There’s A National Day For Elevators?


Well, actually it’s called  ‘National Talk in an Elevator Day’

We just recently found out that this day existed 😉  The one day a year where you have a built-in excuse to engage in some friendly conversation with your fellow elevator riders. The last Friday of July every year marks “National Talk in an Elevator Day,” and the sky is the limit to break the ice in your routinely silent vertical commute.

We here at Atlas Elevators want to lead the way in the spirit of this day, just so you don’t miss out on it next year, here are some tips taken from our elevator experiences on how to make the most out of this national holiday:

  • You can start by mentioning that it’s “National Talk in an Elevator Day, or that there is a National Day for elevator talk 😉
  • Keep it simple: Don’t feel like you need to answer life’s big questions on the way up to the office. A comment on the weather or the fact that today is Friday works just fine to alleviate a completely silent elevator ride.
  • Hold the door and say hello: Use the hold door button, not your arm, to let in that person that’s broken into a half jog in the lobby. Even our elevators are eager to get going, but it’s a nice gesture to someone you’ll likely have to see again.
  • Stay positive: You’re tired, it’s been a long week and you don’t want to be disturbed during your elevator ride. Well, there’s no better pick-me up than putting on a positive face for others. If you recognize someone in the elevator you don’t normally talk to, don’t let this perfect day to start a conversation pass you by. Let them know it’s a holiday and ask how they’re doing.

Too often the elevator is an awkward experience despite its everyday use for many people. Take some time to acknowledge the people around you, not just today but every day. Provide some positive conversation and support!


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