Bad Elevator Habits

Here are some bad elevator habits that are very common but not spoken of very often 😉

1) Many passengers believe they can effectively stop an elevator door that’s in the process of closing – and nearly as many are unaware of the danger of sticking a hand or foot into doors as they close. Such behavior can lead to injury or even property damage. It’s important to remember that elevators are machines, when you stick a hand in the door to hold it open, you run a risk of injury from a machine that is designed to operate in a specific manner.
2) Elevators with mirrors are great for checking your appearance before stepping in for a meeting or interview. What is not so great is when people using them to check whether they’ve got food stuck in their teeth, apply make up or test their artificial smiles and poses 😉 And YES there is a strong chance of there being a security camera on the other end of it!
3) It’s completely natural for children who think any button they see is to be fiddled around with, to randomly run their fingers along all the elevator buttons forcing the doors open at every floor for absolutely no reason. But what is terribly annoying is that they are often accompanied by maids or parents who couldn’t care less. At least tell them that this is wrong and why!
4) People who enter the elevator while talking on their cell phones, no problem with that bit. The problem arises when they realize their phones are losing reception and they start to yell on the top of their lungs in the hope that the other person will hear them, unfortunately that doesn’t work 😉
5) Once the elevator leaves a certain floor, it’s not like it’s gone forever, It is designed to come back, but apparently not everyone knows that. That’s why when the elevator has reached its maximum capacity (usually around 6 pm or at Jummah time), there will always be those people who insist on getting on and squishing everyone else, making them feel like sardines in a can!
6) It’s a great gesture to hold the door open for someone who is walking towards the elevator but insisting on keeping the doors open for over 2 minutes while everyone in the elevator is held up is just not very considerate! If you would prefer to ride the elevator with your friend, maybe you should just wait outside the elevator till he/ she arrives. Any thoughts?
We would love to hear from you and your annoying experiences on an elevator 😉
 Bad Elevator Habits

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