Elevators of the Future

Let us agree that the evolution of elevators has been fast-paced. This brings us to wondering, what’s next. Looks like elevator giants ThyssenKrupp already has the answer. Their design for the next generation of elevators resolves a number of modern-day issues that are telated to elevators. Reduced floor space, long waiting times, limited cabins per shaft, less capacity.. You name it, the ThyssenKrupp elevator design has answere it all.

How do these elevators work? Apparently, the elevators, termed MULTI, are expected to move in a loop, with more than one cabin per shaft. The elevators not only move vertically, but also horizontally. The shaft is also reduced in size, as the elevators are magnetically controlled, and not with the help of cables. The technology allows building owners to confine the elevators to a limited space. Moreover, the designers claim that the elevator waiting time will be just 30 seconds on an average. Wow! Watch this video for more!

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 Elevators of the Future

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