Why living on the top floor can be a good thing

With all the super-tall buildings around, it makes you wonder how do people actually live on those top floors. Buildings with over 30 floors are not uncommon in UAE, and apartments are inhabited at even such dizzying heights. Instinct would warn you against renting an apartment on top floors, but maybe living at the top isn’t so bad. Here’s why we think it might be a good idea after all.

  • Privacy is the biggest advantage of living on top floors. You are saved from worrying about being seen through windows.
  • Your view is much better than those below you. The city lights and tiny cars are a treat for your eyes. 
  • Top floors are much more peaceful, as traffic is lesser. 
  • We agree that it may take a while for elevators to reach you, but you won’t have to be greeted by large groups of people when one does arrive!
  • This one may be overlooked, but home makers know how significant it is. Top floors are often safe from insects and other disturbances. Ants and roaches don’t climb so far up, and even flies avoid such heights. 

With elevator technology advancing at a rapid pace, top floor apartments aren’t as overwhelming as they used to be. You might even enjoy staying up there more than you would downstairs! 

 Why living on the top floor can be a good thing

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