Facts about Glass Elevators

Though two plain steel doors have come to define elevators through the years, elevators have been increasingly built using diverse materials and designs. Glass elevators is among them an attractive solution, and is used as home elevators, passenger elevators in luxury and commercial buildings, as well as panoramic elevators. 

But glass elevators don’t really have any glass in them. These elevators are transparent and resemble glass, hence the name. Glass elevators are in fact made of lightweight acrylic that is also stronger and resistant to breakage than glass. Actual glass is an impractical material for elevators, as it is heavy and fragile. These elevators can be pneumatic or cable-driven. The former uses vaccum for ascend and descend, is extremely compact, and requires no hoistway or shaft. These elevators are perfect for homes and panoramic elevators. Cable-driven elevators, on the other hand, use cable-and-drum attachments to lift or drop elevator cars along the shafts. They can carry heavier loads when compared to pneumatic elevators.

The glass-like panels make these elevators more attractive than conventional elevators. In tall buildings, they offer fantastic views of cities below, especially in Dubai. Contact Atlas Elevators to install high quality glass elevators in your buildings!

 Facts about Glass Elevators

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