Elevators or Stairs? The Long Standing Debate

Someone recently sent this to me, and it made me laugh. More than that, it made me remember how stairs are supposed to be the healthy option, and elevators the lazy one. And yet, when an elevator door opens, we just can’t resist getting in! Do elevators still deserve to be treated with such disdain? Why do we all feel guilty about riding elevators?

Researches and studies jointly support climbing stairs to go up or down a building. But what if you have a 100 floor tower? How do you take the stairs? This infographic by Nationwide Lifts shows the time taken to climb some of the tallest structures in the world using stairs, compared against time taken in an elevator. You can see how climbing the stairs to the top of Burj Khalifa takes over 48 minutes (considering you actually manage to get there without your legs giving out) and taking the elevator gets you to the top in just about 60 seconds. Of course, even thinking about taking the stairs to reach just three floors up makes us tired.

The stereotype about elevators often stems from the thought that elevators represent modern times and are hence, like everything else today, designed to make us lazier than ever. However, elevators aren’t a product of recent times. Elevators have been around since ancient Greeks who used it to transport materials vertically. From being powered by animals and then steam, these slowly evolved into electrical elevators in the last century or so. Today, elevators can just about do anything!

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 Elevators or Stairs? The Long Standing Debate

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