The Role of Elevators in Shaping Dubai

While we laud advancements in engineering and technical knowledge for the growth of UAE, and especially Dubai, as an ultra-urban country, one single seemingly inconsequential element deserves much praise and attention- the elevator.

How can a city grow vertically without means of vertical movement? Imagine building the Burj Khalifa without the super-fast elevator! In fact, one of the major attractions of going to the top is being lifted up at high speeds- an exhilarating ride of 504m. The availability of such advanced technology in the field of vertical movement has enabled architects and designers to think tall and convert their plans into reality.That is how important elevators have been to the transformation of Dubai.

We travel up and down buildings by the elevator every day, which form a few boring insignificant moments that are ignored. Often there is a childish excitement of being lifted up or pulled down. But who wonders about the role these machines have played in shaping our country?

In the past two decades alone, Dubai has surpassed some of the major metropolises across the world as the home of tallest skyscrapers. Elevators have played a crucial role in helping this become a reality. As buildings have grown in height, the advancements in elevator technology has been a silent contributor. Deciding how the users should be transported up and down the building is a critical step in building construction, as this fact reflects on the purpose of the building. With technologies like the TWIN system, double decked elevators, energy efficient elevators, smart elevators, etc., those aspiring to build tall buildings have a range of options to choose from.  Due to the increasing realization of its significance, nowadays elevator design experts are being involved in building construction right at the early design stages.

Atlas Elevators is equipped with the latest technology to help the building sector reach new heights. Be it a residential complex, an office building, or the next big skyscraper, we can help you fulfill your plans.

 The Role of Elevators in Shaping Dubai

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