Scared of Elevators? Common Elevator Fears Explained.

Being in the UAE, it is impossible not to take the elevator at least once a day. But no matter how often you have travelled up or down an elevator, every time the door closes, a tiny part of your brain wonders, “what if the elevator just stops?”  Or worse, drops!

Are elevator fears actually justified? Do we really need to be scared of elevators? Here are some common elevator fears explained.

“If you get trapped in an elevator, you are going to run out of oxygen and die.”

Not true. Elevators are one of the safest means of transportation; even safer than cars! Modern elevators are adequately equipped with openings for ventilation.  So, breathe in, breathe out, and repeat!

“Try to find a way out when you are trapped in the elevator.”

This is a legit solution only in movies. In reality, finding an overhead opening to get out of an elevator is something one should NOT do while stranded in an elevator. In case the power comes back on, the person is at a risk of a gruesome accident, so it is best to wait until help arrives. In the event of getting trapped in an elevator, try to remember that there is help nearby, qualified to get you out of the situation. All one needs to do is use the emergency button provided to notify the personnel responsible to take action.

“An elevator can lose control and free fall to the ground.”          

Modern elevators are not held by a single rope. In fact, a minimum of four cables support the elevator cars, and are designed to take more load than is prescribed. Elevator falls can occur only if all the cables are damaged, in which case there are extensive braking systems and shock absorbers in place to minimize accidents.

“Elevator doors can open in the middle of two floors.”

All elevators are designed to open only when they sense the signal that indicates arrival to a floor. Modern elevators are controlled by intelligent mechanisms that prevent such occurrences, hence, you are not at a risk of being stranded in scary empty shafts in the middle of nowhere.

Elevator accidents are very rare, given the number of high-rise structures in the UAE. They are also less probable in occurrence when compared to escalator and car accidents.

ATLAS Elevators are designed and installed with the finest safety features in place. Backed by decades of experience and the best that technology can offer, we ensure that our products and services pioneer the elevator industry in terms of safety. So leave your fears at the floor and take an elevator!
 Scared of Elevators? Common Elevator Fears Explained.

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