UAE Home Elevators For The Elderly

UAE Home Elevators For The Elderly

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Atlas Elevators have suitable solutions and process for elevators in villas and houses all over the UAE. Whether internal or external, we are the people to call for any elevator need!

A friend of mine once said to me that one of the nicest things her grandfather did for her grandmother was to have a home elevator installed. They lived in a two-story home with the main living area and bedrooms on the upper floor. Her grandmother had become frail enough that getting upstairs from their main entrance on the ground level was a daunting task. The grandparents were not wealthy people, and their home was not large. But the grandfather knew how much her grandmother wanted to stay in her home, so he put one in. Now that’s what you call love!

Many people seem to think that you need lots of space for an elevator to be installed but this isn’t always the case and better still even there are now elevators that do not require the need to dig a hole or pitch for installation. Installing a suitable elevator for the elderly to feel as independent as possible for as long as possible is not as expensive or complicated as it may seem. Many installations don’t need more than a day to set up and is worth every penny for that extra freedom.

Many years ago, way before aging in place became a common term. People have always looked for ways to stay in their homes as they aged, but with the more affordable innovations in technology, home elevators are becoming a very desirable amenity and one of much value to families than you can imagine.

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