Elevators- A Brief History

History of elevators? Aren’t elevators a product of the modern technology? Not really! We take you back in time to learn more about where elevators came from.

It is easy to assume elevators as something that came with the tall buildings we see today. But believe it or not, elevators have been around since the Ancient Romans and Greeks! Its is not clear about who invented the first elevator. The oldest mention of an elevator is a pulley-operated man-powered elevator created by Archimedes. Back then, elevators were used to transport heavy goods and animals, and they were powered by more than a hundred men at times.

Fast forward a few centuries, the next elevator reference was associated with the French Monarch, Louis XV, in the 18th century. He used the technology behind elevators to transport himself, as well as to satisfy dining requirements. Clearly, these elevators were a luxury and far from being perfect for public usage.

Gradually, elevators began running on steam, a much more reliable power source. And yet, the elevator itself was largely unreliable and unsafe. Thanks to the invention of safety brakes by Otis in the 19th century, the modern elevator technology and safe transport was born. In the 20th century, electric elevators came into existence, and the rest is history! Any idea where the first elevator was installed in the UAE? We would love to know as well!

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Elevators or Stairs? The Long Standing Debate

Someone recently sent this to me, and it made me laugh. More than that, it made me remember how stairs are supposed to be the healthy option, and elevators the lazy one. And yet, when an elevator door opens, we just can’t resist getting in! Do elevators still deserve to be treated with such disdain? Why do we all feel guilty about riding elevators?

Researches and studies jointly support climbing stairs to go up or down a building. But what if you have a 100 floor tower? How do you take the stairs? This infographic by Nationwide Lifts shows the time taken to climb some of the tallest structures in the world using stairs, compared against time taken in an elevator. You can see how climbing the stairs to the top of Burj Khalifa takes over 48 minutes (considering you actually manage to get there without your legs giving out) and taking the elevator gets you to the top in just about 60 seconds. Of course, even thinking about taking the stairs to reach just three floors up makes us tired.

The stereotype about elevators often stems from the thought that elevators represent modern times and are hence, like everything else today, designed to make us lazier than ever. However, elevators aren’t a product of recent times. Elevators have been around since ancient Greeks who used it to transport materials vertically. From being powered by animals and then steam, these slowly evolved into electrical elevators in the last century or so. Today, elevators can just about do anything!

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Elevators and Music- A Lesser Known Fact

Ever wondered about the dull monotonous music played in the background in certain public places, as if to fill invisible spaces? It could be at the lobby of a grand hotel in the UAE, or a passenger waiting area at the Dubai Metro. The music is never interesting, but it’s still there for a reason. This particular type of music is actually termed as ‘Elevator Music’. And yes, it has something, and probably everything, to do with elevators.

The term elevator music came into existence in the 1920s, a little after the invention of elevators. At the time, elevators were new and scary, and were not easily accepted as a safe means of transportation. Elevator makers and owners of important buildings devised music as a solution to encourage people to relax in the elevator. Though bland and boring, this type of music was intended to simply put the passenger at ease and calm their nerves. Elevator music is played in low volume, and serves as a background and not as a main focus. This practice is still followed today in elevators and a number of other places where people gather in transit. Next time someone puts your call on hold, know that you are listening to elevator music!


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