Elevators Mirror

Posted on: 06 November 2017

You can’t live in a big city with high towers without elevators, people uses elevators in a daily basis in a city like Dubai, but did you ask yourself once why there is a mirror in the elevator?

The answer may surprise you, in fact the mirror is there for psychological reasons. In the first beginning people started complaining that the elevator is too slow. When elevators companies made their research they discovered that people usually look at the walls of the lift when moving between floors, which is boring and makes time seems to pass slowly.

Scientists has two ways to solve this problem, the first one is to develop lifts to increase speed, the second one is to draw people’s attention to something else to make time pass quickly for them, and mirror was the solution.

Elevators factories chose the second solution, taking into consideration the cost of installing mirrors comparing with the cost of developing lifts to make them faster.