Who is ATLAS

Posted on: 05 October 2017

When art meets with perfection, and originality in working with modernity in designs…

When you feel that something is missing in your artwork and look for the missing part… there is one name summarizes what elevators means “ATLAS”.

ATLAS elevators factory meets all customer needs, whether it is (home elevators, hospital elevators, industrial elevators, factory elevators or building elevators).

Atlas is distinguished by its high-end designs, which are in line with interior designs and interior decoration, without the need for an elevator shaft, pit, or the need for civil works which could be an obstacle in making the decision.

Atlas elevators did not neglect old people and people with special needs, so ATLAS responded to this need by designing custom elevators that give them the chance to move easily and safely.

Smoothness and sophistication has always been the title of Atlas elevators from pre-sale to final delivery, In addition to accuracy in the dates of supply and installation.

Today and after twelve years of working in installation and maintenance of all types of elevators we have reached our goal, which is summarized by a customer's testimony:

"Home elevator means Atlas".